See how we bring 40 characters and the entire swashbuckling saga of Robin Hood onto our stage, magically transformed as Sherwood Forest. Get to know a lusty friar, a corrupt court, mad jesters and a classic love story with a twist (Maid Marion loses her clothes and her privileged illusions). This is a sweeping theatrical experience not to be missed. A tribute to the 850th anniversary of the Robin Hood legend.


Based on Bronte’s last and greatest novel, this new adaptation will be an Amicus world premiere. Bronte was a modernist whose prose was so innovative an emotionally groundbreaking that critics still struggle to find words to describe it. The story revolves around Lucy Snowe, living in Villette (Brussels) in unrequited love with a colleague. There has seldom been a heroine so reserved and emotionally throttled, who is yet so sensuous, intelligent and keenly feeling. A tribute to the 200th anniversary of Bronte’s birth.


Let’s go back to Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1935 to visit Warner Brothers’ set of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Through some theatrical miracle Oberon and Puck have returned from the past to be cast as themselves. What follows is an evening where no farcical well is left untapped. Enjoy over-the-top snappy dialogue, laugh-out-loud gags and, yes, even a tasty dollop of useful social observation. Don’t miss this show, a tribute to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

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