chorusA Chorus of Disapproval

by Alan Ayckbourn
October 22-31
Directed by Mike Hiller

by permission of Samuel French (Canada) Ltd.

Shy Guy joins the local amateur operatic society and has a rapid and risque rise through the ranks of The Beggar’s Opera…going from a silent spear-carrier to the lead role. He encounters the crazy director who pours his heart and soul into the production instead of his marriage; the director’s lonely wife; the local femme fatale; the queen bee and her wealthy husband – and discovers that community theatre has as many players and sharks as MacHeath’s London Underworld. This plays offers a lot of laughs from Britain’s great comic playwright. If you enjoyed our past productions of Bedroom Farce or Table Manners, you’ll love this!

Cast: Trevor Cartlidge, Stephen Flett, Malorie Mandolidis, Erin Jones, Derek Perks, Douglas Hicton, Mickey Brown, Mary Claire Thompson, Peter Gooch, Rebecca De La Coeur, Ryan Anning, Kat Lai, and Evalina Soulis

fallenangelsFallen Angels

By Noel Coward
February 4-13
Directed by Maureen Lukie

by permission of Samuel French (Canada) Ltd.

With their husbands away, old friends Jane and Julia hope to play. Each has received a postcard announcing the imminent arrival of their ‘one great passion’ of their life – the Frenchman, Maurice. They await his arrival together – each afraid to give into temptation, but also making sure that the other doesn’t get there first! Fueled by champagne, the girls go wild as their friendship melts down under the heat. Of course, Maurice does turn up – and so do the absent husbands! One of Noel Coward’s fizziest and funniest plays. If you love Coward’s Hayfever, Private Lives or Blithe Spirit, you’ll want to see this, too!

Cast: Heather Goodall, Derek Dorey, Anne McDougall, Jeff Orchard, Kay Montgomery, and Raj Verma

moonlightMoonlight and Magnolias

by Ron Hutchinson
April 15-24
Directed by Victoria Shepherd

by permission of Dramatists Play Service Inc.

It’s Hollywood, 1939 and the cameras are already rolling on producer David O. Selznick’s epic GONE WITH THE WIND. The whole country is waiting to see the film based on the hit bestseller…but there’s no script…and he’s just fired the director! Desperate, Selznick literally locks the new director Victor Fleming, fresh off THE WIZARD OF OZ, and Ben Hecht, writer of THE FRONT PAGE and NOTHING SACRED, in his office for three days…feeding them only peanuts and bananas. Hecht has never even read the 1,000 page book, so, Selznick has to act it out with them. They hammer away at the script and at each other. Frankly my dear, you will give a damn even if you have never seen the movie or read the book…Ben Hecht hadn’t. If you love comedies or the movies of the 1930’s and 40’s; this play is for you!

Cast: Stephen Flett, James Lukie, Peter Loucas, and Maureen Lukie

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