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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Jeffrey Hatcher
adapted from the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson

November 15-24

Directed by Harvey Levkoe

Produced by Susan McQueen

by permission of Dramatists Play Services Inc.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has thrilled generations as a novella, in film and on the stage. This adaptation is intensely theatrical as it presents four Hydes, each a facet of the personality that the idealistic Dr. Jekyll has summoned up through his chemical research into the human psyche. The Hydes (one of them a woman) are all dangerous, but none more so than the sensual Hyde #3, who becomes fascinated with a vulnerable working class woman. Jekyll becomes increasingly concerned for her safety and his own sanity and reputation as Hyde becomes ever stronger.

Cast: Chris Irving, Stephen Flett, Derek Perks, Chris Coculuzzi, Jenn Sellers, Stephanie Barone, Cabiria Aquarius, Kristen Myers and Jamie Zhuravel

Apartment 3AApartment3A

by Jeff Daniels
January 31-February 9

Directed by Chris Coculuzzi

Produced by Michael Sherman

by permission of Dramatists Play Services Inc.

Apartment 3A tells the story of Annie who, on discovering her boyfriend making love to a woman on her dining room table, concludes that she has once again “failed” at love. Out goes the boyfriend, out goes grandma’s dining room table and Annie moves to Apartment 3A. Cue the neighbour from across the hall who enters her life in the same way as he has entered her apartment: without permission. This perplexing neighbour cautions her not to fall in love with him because he is madly in love with his wife. Annie will also be pursued by a colleague at work; a non-descript fellow who is smitten and refuses to take no for an answer. Will Annie trust love again and will it be with either of these two guys?

Cast: Erin Jones, Scott Simpson, Greg Corkum, Candi Zell and Meg Gibson


The Voysey Inheritance

by Harley Granville-Barker
adapted by David Mamet
April 18-27

Directed by Andrew Freund

Produced by Maureen Lukie

by permission of Dramatists Play Services Inc.

Crime doesn’t pay – or does it? When a con makes you rich, life gets a lot more complicated. For generations, the Voysey family business has been secretly cheating its clients. Edward, a junior partner who plans to take over the company from his aging father, is horrified when he discovers the embezzlement that has been keeping his relatives in the lap of luxury. But nobody wants Edward to dismantle the firm’s criminal legacy – not his associates, not the woman he loves, and certainly not his large, pampered family. As the risk of exposure looms larger, and his sense of right and wrong becomes increasingly distorted, Edward comes to fully understand the consequences of his “inheritance.” The Voysey Inheritance is a witty, impeccably crafted portrait of a family in the midst of a surprisingly modern moral dilemma.

Cast: Robert Rainville, Chris Irving, Zvi Gilbert, Jim Armstrong, Laura Vincent, Derek Dorey, Kingsley Owen, Rein Kartna, Kathleen Allamby, Vikki Velonosi, and Michael Sherman

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