Our season of pure comedy starts and ends in Paris, with a side trip to Long Island. Three great plays filled with romance, adventure, snappy dialogue and laughs that never quit. Come along for the ride and let us entertain you!

cyranoCyrano has it all in 1600’s Paris! He’s a poet-philosopher who can outfence and outwit any man. He’s brimming with brains, talent and vigour. But he has a grotesquely long nose that prevents him from courting his secret love, the beguiling Roxane, so he enlists the help of his friend, Christian, to woo Roxane in his place. Enjoy a ribald evening of wits, wordplay and swordplay that will answer the burning question—who will Roxane fall for: Christian or Cyrano?

sabrinaA chauffeur’s daughter returns from Paris profoundly changed and bursting with newfound zeal to “do everything and see everything (because) life…must be used.” Her father’s employers, the rich Larrabee family, are taken with her new sophistication. Especially smitten is Linus Larrabee, their largely ignored son whom Sabrina comes to prefer over the wealthy French suitor she’s brought in tow. A charmingly funny look at love across class lines in a modern Cinderella tale. By permission of Dramatists Play Services Inc.

madwomanSee why this 1943 play just keeps entertaining audiences. Generations have fallen in love with Aurelia, the heroine, mostly because her “madness” is really optimism that’s out of place in a cynical time. Furthermore she inspires those around her to take action against the corrupt men who want to tear up Parisian streets to drill for oil. A wonderful mix of story, setting and eccentric characters promises a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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