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Audition Notice: Quiet Courage


Sunday, June 11th: 2-8pm
Tuesday, June 13th: 7-10pm
Call-Backs: Wednesday, June 14th: 7-10pm

LOCATION: The Silver Mill, 10 Dawes Rd. (Dawes & Danforth; east of Main St.)
REHEARSALS: September/October: Sundays and Tuesday/Thursday Evenings
PERFORMANCES: November @ The Papermill Theatre, Todmorden Mills

To book an audition:
Email Resume and Headshot (if available) to auditions@amicusproductions.ca.
Indicate your preferred audition date and time.
Actors are required to prepare a 1 minute monologue (comedic or dramatic).
This play is based on the true story of the Jackson family from the novel Too Many to Mourn by James and Rowena Mahar. The script will NOT be made available in its entirety. Only the sides provided below are being made available.

Amicus Productions is a non-profit, non-equity community theatre group.
Amicus welcomes diversity in casting, regardless of period or setting of the play.

LIST OF CHARACTERS (ages are suggested for character and not actor)
The play focuses on five couples who are all working-class of Irish and British descent:

Mary and Joe Hinch (30s-40s): Mary is five months pregnant. Gentle and reserved, she has an unshakeable faith. Joe loves to dance and dreams big. Mary suffers injury and loses her husband and 10 children. Mary and Joe Sides

Ada and Charlie Moore (30s-40s): Ada (Mary’s sister) has a quick temper and fights for the rights of women and Charlie good-naturedly follows along. Ada will lose her husband and several children but heroically searches for survivors. Ada and Charles Sides

James and Maggie Jackson (40s): James (Mary’s brother) and Maggie love to laugh and have fun. James suffers injury and loses his wife and several children. James Side (If interested in Maggie: use Ada and Charles Sides) 

Vince and Peg McDonald (30s-40s): Vince shovels coal for a train and is a bit of a worrier. Peg (Mary’s sister) is light-hearted and likes to tease him. Vince must cope with the loss of his wife and all but one child. (If interested: use Mary and Joe Sides)

Sophye and David (20s): Sophye, daughter of James and Maggie, has just finished her studies in Boston to become a nurse. David, her boyfriend, is a young doctor from Boston. She and David sign up with the Red Cross and arrive on the first train from Boston to Halifax to help with relief. Sophye and David Sides

Five Narrators: The play has five narrators who appear throughout the action to provide historical information and descriptions. Actors playing these parts will double/triple in other roles. Narrators Sides

Various Characters (Ages 10-65): Most actors will double/triple as several other characters in the various sub-plots. These include: captains and pilots of the Mont Blanc and the Imo, the two ships that collide; officials handling the relief efforts; as well as others in the streets and hospitals (children, soldiers, doctors, and nurses). Captain and Pilot Sides

PLEASE NOTE: If you are cast in the show you MUST become a member of Amicus Productions.
Membership fees are $25 and are due no later than the start of the first rehearsal.
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Get the Chalk! Get the Chalk!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to see Glengarry Glen Ross. It was a tremendous success that broke attendance and revenue records! We look forward to entertaining you next season!

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2017/18 Season!

Buy a 2017/18 Subscription at Glengarry Glen Ross, or use our mail-in Order Form, or order online here!


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Glengarry Glen Ross Coming Soon!

Check out our Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/148470629008836/


Amicus Productions closes out its 2016/17 season with the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet at The Papermill Theatre, at the Todmorden Mills historical site (67 Pottery Rd, Toronto).  Glengarry Glen Ross runs April 27th – 29th and May 4th – 6th 8pm and April 30th and May 6th at 2pm. Tickets are $25 regular, $20 seniors, and $15 students (at the door). Regular and Senior tickets may be purchased online or by phone at 416-860-6176.

In Mamet’s scalding drama, small-time, cutthroat real estate salesmen grind out a living by pushing iffy plots of land onto reluctant buyers in a never-ending scramble for their share of the American dream.  Here is Mamet at his best, writing with brutal power about the tough life of tough characters who wheedle, wheel and deal for a piece of the action – where closing a sale can mean winning a new Cadillac but losing one can mean you’re fired.

Directed by Harvey Levkoe, Glengarry Glen Ross is produced by Susan McQueen with Set Design by Wayne Cardinalli, Lighting Design by Mary Jane Boon, Costume Design by Bernie Hunt, and Sound Design by John McQueen.  Stage Managed by Karen Farnocchi, this production features the talents of Daryn DeWalt as Levene, Chris Coculuzzi as Williamson, Neil Hicks as Moss, Jerrold Karch as Aaronow, Derek Perks as Roma, Abbas Husain as Lingk, and Frank De Francesco as Baylen.

For Media Information:
Janice Peters Gibson
Tel:  416-568-2466

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Saturday Feb 11th Tickets Available!

Please note that because we have two performances today (2pm and 8pm) we’ve had to reclaim any outstanding online tickets so we can have them at the theatre. So tickets are available at the theatre and the Box Office opens at 1pm and 7pm respectively.

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Friday Feb 10th Performance is ON!

Please note that tonight’s performance (Friday, February 10th) of Sense and Sensibility is ON. However, if you feel you can’t make it because of the weather we have two performances tomorrow (Saturday, February 11th) at 2pm and 8pm and we will exchange your tickets for you.

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Sense and Sensibility on Sale!


Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death!

Amicus Productions presents Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility adapted by Jessica Swale at The Papermill Theatre, at the Todmorden Mills historical site (67 Pottery Rd, Toronto).  Sense and Sensibility runs February 2nd -4th and 9th-11th at 8pm and February 5th and 11that 2pm. Tickets are $25 regular, $20 seniors, and $15 students. Tickets may be purchased online at www.amicustickets.ca  or by phone at 416-860-6176.

As Classicism and Romanticism meet head-on at the turn of the eighteenth century we enjoy an intimate look at the triumphs and tribulations of two seemingly lovelorn sisters: one duty-bound, the other longing to live a full life. Yet for both the reality is dependency: protecting their well-being by submitting to the wishes of their future benefactors. Despite the entreaties of men who may or may not be honourable, these women move forward and fate eventually smiles on them. In other words, this is every bit a Jane Austen romance.
Sense and Sensibility is produced by Chris Coculuzzi and Kathy Plamondon and directed by founding Amicus member, Maureen Lukie with set design by Arash Eshghpour, lighting design by Karlos Griffith, costumes by Lindsay Forde, and sound design by David Fitzpatrick.  Stage Managed by Cherie Oldenburg, this production features the talents of Tamara Freeman as Elinor, Jackie Mahoney as Marianne, Conor Ling as Edward, Rouvan Silogix as Willoughby, Matthew Payne as Colonel Brandon, Peta Mary Bailey as Mrs. Dashwood, Sara Douglas as Margaret, Mandi Sunshine as Fanny Dashwood, Andrew Horbatuik as John Dashwood, Lindsay Bryan as Mrs. Palmer, Rob Candy as Sir John, Jenn Keay as Mrs. Jennings, and Riley Anne Nelson as Lucy.

For Media Information:
Janice Peters Gibson

Tel: 416-568-2466