by Dan Goggin
October 16-25
Directed by Mike Hiller

by permission of Samuel French (Canada) Ltd.

When botulism claims the lives of the majority of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, the surviving members of the order decide to put on a talent show to raise funds for the burial of the last four of the dearly departed (currently stored in the freezer). The fun-filled variety show is hosted by the Reverent Mother Regina, a former circus performer. She is joined on-stage by Sister Mary Hubert, the dignified Mistress of Novices; Sister Robert Anne, a streetwise nun from Brooklyn; Sister Mary Leo, a novice and aspiring ballerina; and the delightfully wacky Sister Mary Amnesia, a nun who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head. Featuring star turns,tap and ballet dancing, an audience quiz, and comic surprises, this show has become an international phenomenon, proving that “Nunsense” is indeed habit-forming!

Cast: Malorie Mandolidis, Mickey Brown, Janice Hansen, Andrea Ramsden, and Livia Jones

fleaA Flea In Her Ear

By Georges Feydeau,
adapted by David Ives

February 5-14
Directed by Jacqui Burke

by permission of Dramatists Play Service Inc.

Perhaps the greatest of French farces in a hilarious new translation by David Ives, fast, funny and tuned to the modern ear. Victor has developed a mental block about making love to his wife who assumes his eye is wandering. She has a friend, Lucienne, send him a steamy, anonymous invitation to the Frisky Puss Hotel. Victor persuades his womanizing friend to take his place, in a breathless game of slamming doors and revolving beds and a bell-hop who looks just like Victor!

Cast: Stephen Flett, Danielle Capretti, Erin Jones, Adrian Falconer, Jason Silzer, Derek Perks, Derek Dorey, Michael Hiller, Catherine Meyer, Jeff Burke, Megs Mulkins, Rebecca De La Cour, Jonathan Lavalee, and Kurt Thomson


by Tom Stoppard
April 16-25
Directed by Maureen Lukie

by permission of Samuel French (Canada) Ltd.

From the theatre giant who also wrote Shakespeare in Love, comes this absorbing and accessible comedy of words, wit and romance. The play is situated on the historic Coverly family estate in 1809 and the present age. In modern times, two battling academics, Bernard and Hannah, work out the mystery of a murder possibly committed by Lord Byron at the estate, while in 1809, young Thomasina Coverly seeks instruction mathematical and amorous from her handsome tutor, in a tale of ‘the attraction that Newton left out’

Cast: Kyl Chhatwal, Andrea Ramsden, Aaron Marcus, Jeff Orchard, Michael Sherman, Heather Goodall, Frank Von, James Lukie, Janice Hansen, Diarmuid Collins, Melissa Alcamo, Andrew Pimento

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