Apartment 3A

Apartment3AAmicus Productions presents actor/playwright Jeff Daniels’ touching comedy, Apartment 3A, at The Papermill Theatre, Jan 31 – Feb 2 and Feb 7-9 at 8p.m. and Feb 3 & 9 at 2p.m. Tickets are $22 regular, $20 for seniors and $18 for students. Group rates are available. For tickets or information, please call 416-860-6176 or email amicustickets@rogers.com. All seating is reserved.

Apartment 3A tells the story of Annie who, on discovering her boyfriend making love to a woman on her dining room table, concludes that she has once again “failed” at love. Out goes the boyfriend, out goes grandma’s dining room table and Annie moves to Apartment 3A. Cue the neighbour from across the hall who enters her life in the same way as he has entered her apartment: without permission. This perplexing neighbour cautions her not to fall in love with him because he is madly in love with his wife. Annie will also be pursued by a colleague at work; a non-descript fellow who is smitten and refuses to take no for an answer. Will Annie trust love again and will it be with either of these two guys?

The play features Erin Jones as Annie; Scott Simpson as Donald; Greg Corkum as Elliot; Candi Zell as Dal; and Meg Gibson as Tony. The play is directed by Chris Coculuzzi, who will be familiar to Amicus audiences as Chris Keller in last year’s production of All My Sons as well as Hyde #3 in our first production this season, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Chris has been directing as well as acting for many years, especially with Upstart Crow Theatre Group, an independent theatre company and a frequent contributor to the Toronto Fringe Festival. This past summer he directed Piecing Together Pauline, an original play he co-wrote with Roxanne Deans for the 2012 Fringe Festival.

Jeff Daniels has had varied career, with leading roles in classic comedies such as The Purple Rose of Cairo, Dumb and Dumber and The Squid and The Whale, and currently can be seen in Looper and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom; Apartment 3A was written for his own theatre company, The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Michigan and also enjoyed a well-reviewed run in New York.

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