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2016 ACT-CO Gala

The ACT-CO Gala was held last night and between our first two productions of the season, Robin Hood and Villette, we received 5 nominations and 1 win. Congratulations to all who were involved in these productions!
Nominations included:
Best Supporting Male Actor – Drama: Chris Coculuzzi (Villette)
Best Supporting Male Actor – Comedy: Paul Micucci (Robin Hood)
Best Supporting Female Actor – Drama: Renee Cullen (Villette)
Special Adjudicator’s Award – Ensemble Acting: Cast of Robin Hood
And our Thea went to:
Special Adjudicator’s Award for Cohesive and Comprehensive Realization of the Director’s Vision: The Company of Villette
Special mentions also go out to some of the wonderful team working on our upcoming production of Shakespeare In Hollywood who were honoured with nominations and wins last night for their work on Wonder of the World with East Side Players:
Karen Farnocchi – Best Stage Manager – WIN
Daryn DeWalt – Special Adjudicator’s Award – WIN
Harvey Levkoe – Best Director – NOM
John McQueen – Best Sound Design – NOM
Susan McQueen – Best Production – NOM
Mary Jane Boon – Best Lighting Design – NOM (and a WIN with Curtain Club)
as well as current cast member Simon Bennett for a co-WIN on Best Ensemble with Scarborough Players

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